DOTCOM Waste International Workshop Opens in Bonn

DOTCOM Waste International WorkshopThis November marks an important time for the DOTCOM Waste project as the Consortium hosts its International Workshop with its High Level Advisory Board and other experts involved in the fight against waste crime, at UN University, Bonn. The Consortium will present its current activities, including a Risk Assessment and a Training Needs Assessment, to the experts for discussion and feedback. In addition, the meeting will give an opportunity to refine and complete its face-to-face programme and e-learning sessions and to discuss strategies on how to ensure the final training toolkit has a positive legacy long after the project is complete.

The Risk Assessment identifies key activities that law enforcement agencies need to prioritise to allow them to tackle waste-related crimes more effectively, while the Training Needs Assessment looks at understanding the needs of the relevant stakeholders and compared them against existing training materials and tools that are already in use.

Experts from leading organizations such as the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL), INTERPOL and the World Customs Organization will be in attendance, as well as national enforcement authorities who are experts in their fields (inspections, investigations, prosecution and sentencing). This Workshop will include discussions on common challenges and experiences in investigating cases of illegal waste management and trade, and share capacity building tools, practical know-how and existing procedures.

The Workshop will also focus on identifying potential synergies and practical strategies for these groups to work together, and maximise on other initiatives already in progress.  One of the objectives is to identify concrete ways to improve exchange of information and increase inter-agency cooperation within Europe and with participating third countries’ representatives.

Commenting on the event, Federico Magalini, project manager for DOTCOM Waste, and Associate Program Officer with the United Nations University said, “This is a great opportunity to get practical input from a wide range of experts in terms of their experience of the effectiveness of training materials to support the fight against waste crime, as well as creating real synergies with relevant organisations that may not otherwise get to talk.

Our overall objective is to ensure that the training toolkit is sustainable and makes a lasting difference, with a shelf life long after the DOTCOM Waste project finishes.”

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