INTERPOL’s Pollution Crime Working Group Provides Effective Forum for DOTCOM Waste

rome-2151629_640The DOTCOM Waste project was presented to INTERPOL’s Pollution Crime Working Group (PCWG) during their 22nd meeting in Rome.

After a general introduction on the project by Vittoria Luda Di Cortemiglia of United Nations University, Nancy Isarin, Environmental Consultant at Ambiendura provided a more detailed presentation on the training toolkit – specifically the modules on the planning of inspections, risks assessments and intervention approaches.

Secondly Nancy demonstrated the mobile application ‘Watch-IT’. This new app supports law enforcement officers in the field during their inspections of waste shipments and guides them through the often complex decision-making process. The App is developed in co-operation with UN Environment and GRID-Arendal.

A number of members of the PCWG have expressed interest to be a part of the user-test group for the App. Further the United States and the African region showed interest in having the app tailored to their regions.

Success for DOTCOM Waste at 2017 COPS

IMG-20170510-WA0006BDOTCOM Waste hosted a successful side event at this year’s COPS in Geneva entitled, “Get the Tools You Need to Make a Difference – Global Training Toolkit + Waste & Chemicals Inspection App”.

The opening address was given by Carlos Martin-Novella , Deputy Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm Conventions, followed by Federico Magalini of United Nations University (UNU), who gave an insight into the activities of the DOTCOM Waste Project.

Attendees then got an introduction to the project’s online training toolkit on enforcing transboundary movements of waste regulations by Vittoria Luda Di Cortemiglia of UNU. There was also a demo of the inspection app for waste and chemicals called WATCH-IT which was presented by Nancy Isarin of Ambiendura

DOTCOM Waste Presents at INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group Meeting

INTERPOLThe 22nd Annual INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group meeting will take place in Rome from 15-17 May 2017 and DOTCOM Waste is delighted to announce that they will be presenting at the event. Nancy Isarin, Environmental Consultant at Ambiendura and Vittoria Luda Di Cortemiglia of United Nations University, will speak on behalf of DOTCOM Waste, outlining the key objectives of the project, as well as promoting relevant activities for attendees to get involved in.

The INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group initiates and leads a number of projects to combat the transport, trade and disposal of wastes and hazardous substances in contravention of national and international laws. The projects include electronic waste, environmental forensics, clean seas and climate change crime and corruption.

DOTCOM Waste Launches Webinar Series

WebinarsDOTCOM Waste is delighted to announce the launch of its webinar training and information series to help those involved in the fight against waste crime.  Aimed at the “response chain”, these webinars will share best practices and give the most up-to-date information on how best to help prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute waste trafficking.

Topics to be covered include inspection plans / next gen compliance, intelligence, remote sensing technologies, prosecution, collaboration, environmental waste crime for judges and financial investigations.

The webinars are scheduled to run for approximately one hour and are free to all relevant participants. All registrants must register with a work email.

To register for any of the scheduled webinars please click on the links below:

Don’t forget to keep checking our main webinars page as more topics will be added soon! For more information please email

Going to 2017 COPS? Don’t Miss our DOTCOM Waste Side Event

DOTCOM Waste COPS Side EventDOTCOM Waste has announced a side event taking place at this year’s COPS in Geneva entitled, “Get the Tools You Need to Make a Difference – Global Training Toolkit + Waste & Chemicals Inspection App“. The event will take place on Monday 1st May, 18.15 -19.45, in Room 15 of the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG).

Agenda includes:                                                                                                   

  • Overview of the DOTCOM (Development of Tools to Counter Illegal Management and Trade of Waste) Project
  • Operation Sword 2017 – Chinese operation on cracking down illegal waste imports
  • Online training toolkit on enforcing transboundary movements of waste regulations
  • Inspection App for waste and chemicals: WATCH-IT (in collaboration with UN Environment and GRID-Arendal)
  • Questions & Answers

For more information email: We hope to meet you there!

Save the Date – Final Joint Conference

Synergies and strategies to tackle waste crime

Save the date now for the final conference of the DOTCOM Waste and BLOCKWASTE projects! It will take place on 23 November 2017, at Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rue Montoyer / Montoyerstraat 47, Brussels, Belgium.

Illegal management and trade of waste cause significant damage to the environment, undermine the health of millions of people and distort fair competition. This interactive conference will present the main results of the two Internal Security Fund financed projects on illegal waste management and transport followed by a roundtable discussion with contributions from experts.

Participants: Professionals and decision makers involved in targeting waste crime such as regulators including EC representatives and European Parliament members,environmental authorities, law enforcement agencies, other stakeholders and researchers.

A detailed programme will be published at the latest in August 2017.

The DOTCOM Waste project increases the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, customs, port authorities, environmental agencies, prosecutors and judges to fight cross-border waste crime. The project provides pragmatic training materials and tools and organizes webinars and face to face training sessions to help key stakeholders to integrate good practices into their day-to-day operations.

The BlockWaste project identifies illegal operating practices relating to waste trading and shipments, and estimates the amount of illegal earnings made in the waste sector. It also analyses legislation in order to identify needs for amendments to better expose and prevent criminal activity.

Both projects share the overall aims of intensifying international collaboration and identifying threats and risks associated with illegal waste shipments in order to support strategic planning and thereby better prevent cross-border waste crime.

To be added to the mailing list for the conference, please email:

DOTCOM Waste Newsletter Hot Off The Press!

DOTCOM_Waste_Newsletter_January_2017Get your free copy of the January edition of the DOTCOM Waste newsletter now! Discover how the project is progressing in its objective to increase the capabilities of those directly involved in the fight against cross-border waste crime.

Find out what happened at the International Workshop held in Bonn, Germany. Read about the Compendium of Good Practices which gives an overview of good practices in waste crime detection, inspection, investigation, prosecution and sentencing.

Get an update on the recently completed risk analysis on waste crime, as well as how DOTCOM Waste is linking with other European waste projects to identify joint opportunities to work on.

In addition, read interviews with consultant, Vittoria Luda di Cortemiglia and Halina Güldiren Technical Officer / Analyst with Regional Intelligence Liaison Office (RILO) Western Europe.  Learn how you can benefit by availing of face-to-face or online training facilitated by DOTCOM Waste.

Click here to download your free copy now!

Key DOTCOM Waste Training Dates Announced

training DOTCOM WasteDOTCOM Waste is pleased to announce the dates for their 2017 face to face training workshops on tackling waste crime.

  • Rome, Italy, from 26 to 29 September 2017 (focusing on EU / West Africa Routes)
  • Beijing, China, from 17 to 20 October 2017 (focusing on EU / China Routes)

Anyone directly involved in fighting waste crime is now invited to submit their interest in attending.

The objectives of the workshops are to improve networking among authorities and enhance enforcement skills to help the fight against cross-border waste crime. Attendance is free, but on an invitation-only basis, limited to 25 participants.

We will also be delivering online training seminars, both live and on-demand.

Register your interest NOW!

To access the application form in Chinese click here – 培训


Involved in the fight against waste crime? Interested in collaborating with fellow colleagues around the world and receiving best practice training?

waste crime trainingDOTCOM Waste is organising two training workshops on tackling waste crime. These free events will be held in Italy and China in 2017. We invite representatives from agencies and organisations directly involved in fighting waste crime, particularly on the EU-West Africa and EU-China routes.

Attendance is free, but on an invitation-only basis, limited to 25 participants. Representatives from the following stakeholder groups are invited to express their interest in participating:

  • Judges
  • Law enforcement agencies, e.g. police
  • Customs
  • Port authorities
  • Environmental agencies or inspectorates/ regulatory bodies responsible for waste matters
  • Prosecutors

The content for these multidisciplinary training sessions will be based on the outcome of research by the DOTCOM Waste project including a comprehensive needs assessment looking at the gap between what’s needed by target audiences and current training programmes.

Each workshop will last for 4 days and focus on improving collaboration among authorities and increased enforcement skills to help fight cross-border waste crime more effectively.

The first training session will take place in Rome, Italy, focusing in particular on the EU-Africa route, while the second training session taking place in Beijing, China, will look at the specifics of the EU-China route.

We will also be delivering online training seminars, both live and on-demand.

To register your interest in attending one of our events, or to receive access to online training, please fill out the short APPLICATION FORM.

DOTCOM Waste International Workshop Opens in Bonn

DOTCOM Waste International WorkshopThis November marks an important time for the DOTCOM Waste project as the Consortium hosts its International Workshop with its High Level Advisory Board and other experts involved in the fight against waste crime, at UN University, Bonn. The Consortium will present its current activities, including a Risk Assessment and a Training Needs Assessment, to the experts for discussion and feedback. In addition, the meeting will give an opportunity to refine and complete its face-to-face programme and e-learning sessions and to discuss strategies on how to ensure the final training toolkit has a positive legacy long after the project is complete.

The Risk Assessment identifies key activities that law enforcement agencies need to prioritise to allow them to tackle waste-related crimes more effectively, while the Training Needs Assessment looks at understanding the needs of the relevant stakeholders and compared them against existing training materials and tools that are already in use.

Experts from leading organizations such as the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL), INTERPOL and the World Customs Organization will be in attendance, as well as national enforcement authorities who are experts in their fields (inspections, investigations, prosecution and sentencing). This Workshop will include discussions on common challenges and experiences in investigating cases of illegal waste management and trade, and share capacity building tools, practical know-how and existing procedures.

The Workshop will also focus on identifying potential synergies and practical strategies for these groups to work together, and maximise on other initiatives already in progress.  One of the objectives is to identify concrete ways to improve exchange of information and increase inter-agency cooperation within Europe and with participating third countries’ representatives.

Commenting on the event, Federico Magalini, project manager for DOTCOM Waste, and Associate Program Officer with the United Nations University said, “This is a great opportunity to get practical input from a wide range of experts in terms of their experience of the effectiveness of training materials to support the fight against waste crime, as well as creating real synergies with relevant organisations that may not otherwise get to talk.

Our overall objective is to ensure that the training toolkit is sustainable and makes a lasting difference, with a shelf life long after the DOTCOM Waste project finishes.”